Getting paid to carry out our usual internet browsing sounds too good to be true, but Qmee does just that. It pays you to search in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon and eBay, and it’s a great way of making passive and active income.


There are 3 ways of earning with Qmee – searching the web, completing surveys and referring friends.  In this post, I’m going to cover all aspects of Qmee, so you can maximise your earnings and earn as many rewards as possible.


Qmee is a free web extension that is installed through your desktop browser. Every time you use a search engine, Qmee is working its magic in the background, helping you earn money. Qmee works with Windows, Mac and Chome, Firefox, Safari and Opera browsers.

Once you have installed the Qmee extension, you can start searching and shopping online as you normally would, and the app will find you result that will be shown in the sidebar. If one of the results interests you, click on it to earn your reward and you’ll be taken to the website, and the cash you have earned will be added to your balance.

For example, if you were searching for a specific homeware brand and Qmee found an offer, you would see it displayed on the left-hand side of your screen. You get rewarded cash for interacting and clicking on these brands, or you would save some money by selecting a deal. It’s a great way to make money in under an hour.

The extension tracks your online activity and creates advertisements custom to you based on what appeals to you.


Once you click on a sponsored link, you can get paid up to 15p per link that appears directly in your inbox. They also occasionally send you offers for your favourite shops and sites, which is another bonus!

It’s important to note that it accesses your data, tabs, browsing activity and bookmarks which some people may not feel comfortable, but I’ve found that the money I have made as a result is so helpful. Qmee does not share your data with any third parties without your permission though, so you don’t need to worry about that.

You may not receive a sponsored link upon every search, as the amount of links you receive per day can vary for everyone.

There isn’t a pay out threshold, so you don’t need to wait a certain length of time to cash out, you can claim your earnings immediately through PayPal. The best bit is, you’ll receive your money instantly!


Qmee’s surveys allow you to share your opinions and for every survey you successfully complete, you will receive a reward straight into your piggybank.

To opt-in to receiving surveys, you’ll need to answer a few short questions from the surveys tab on your dashboard. Once a new survey becomes available to you, you’ll be notified in your browser app.

Qmee regularly announces bonus surveys via their Facebook page about current topics and interests, which will give you the chance to win additional prizes once completed.

There may not always be surveys available to you so you’ll need to keep checking back to see if any have been posted.

To summarise, it really is surprising how much cash you can earn by just carrying out your usual searches. It’s especially great for accumulating cash around Christmas, birthdays or just general shopping. It’s a legitimate working from home opportunity, and it’s fast pay out makes it even better!